Are you interested in doing a lot expansion in Tumbler Ridge?

A lot expansion is the purchase of District-owned or Crown Land to increase the size of a property.

Here are the basic steps for a request:

Step 1: Landowner contacts Terése Finegan (Director, Economic Development & Tourism) to initiate an enquiry. Please include your civic address, how much land you would like to request and for what purpose. Ms. Finegan’s contact information is listed below.
Step 2: Once some initial checks have been completed, you will be sent a confirmation email and a request for you to fill out a subdivision form with a fee of $300 paid to the District.
Step 3: A report for council is prepared and is put on the Agenda at the next Regular Council Meeting.
If successfully endorsed there will be several further steps to follow.
Step 4:
• Public notice of disposition
• Land Sales Contract
• Surveyor
(landowner cost)
• Rezoning application (landowner cost of $500)
• Zoning bylaw amendment
• Submission to Land Titles
• Subdivision/rezoning registered

For more information please contact:
Terése Finegan – Director, Economic Development & Tourism
Phone: (250) 242-4242
305 Iles Way | Tumbler Ridge, BC | V0C 2W0 |