Are you interested in doing a lot expansion in Tumbler Ridge?

A lot expansion is the purchase of District-owned or Crown Land to increase personal residential property size. Council has approved Land Sales at a fair market value of $28.95 per square metre. Please note there are additional expenses in the list below.

INDICATIVE ONLY – MAP FOR POTENTIAL LOT EXPANSIONS. This map will give you an idea of No-Go zones. Council will make decisions on a per-case basis and no application is guaranteed.

Here are the basic steps for a request:

Step 1: The landowner contacts Terése Finegan (Director, Economic Development & Tourism) to initiate an enquiry. Please include your civic address, how much land you would like to request and for what purpose. Contact information is below.

Lot Expansion Enquiry

Step 1 - Lot Expansion Enquiry
  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Email
  • Lot Expansion Request. How much land do you want to purchase? What is the intended use for the land?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Step 2: An initial check is done (Land Title Search, availability of land behind your address), and then you will be required to fill in a subdivision form with a fee of $300 payable to the District.

Step 3: A Council report is prepared for the next Regular Council Meeting. If successfully endorsed there will be several further steps to follow to progress the land sale.

Step 4:

• Public notice of disposition (newspaper and website)
• Land Sales Contract drafted and sent to Purchaser for legal consideration. Includes Land Sales Purchase Price based on the approximate size of the required land. 
Landowner appoints their own conveyancer – budget approx $1400)
• Surveyor
(landowner cost of approx $4000 – $5500)
The Approving Officer (DTR) approves the subdivision plan and signs the site plan.
• Application to deposit plan at the Land Title Office, Province of BC and stamp plan
Rezoning application (landowner cost of $500)
Zoning bylaw amendment (if applicable)
• Submission to Land Titles
• Subdivision/rezoning registered

For more information please contact:
Terése Finegan – Director, Economic Development & Tourism
Phone: (250) 242-4242
305 Iles Way | Tumbler Ridge, BC | V0C 2W0 |