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Affordable, serviced land is the cornerstone of economic opportunity in Tumbler Ridge. When it comes to attracting talent and investment to Tumbler Ridge, our team will work with you to match your business needs to our diverse range of unique land and property opportunities.

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District of Tumbler Ridge Town Centre Commercial Properties


The District of Tumbler Ridge has many exciting and affordable municipally-owned commercial, industrial and residential properties for sale. Most of these properties have existing infrastructure either onto the site or to its property line. Please take your time to explore many of these opportunities on our municipal Land Sale Database where you will find details pertaining to each property. You can also contact the economic development officer directly to set-up a no obligation District property-search appointment, or to arrange a site visit.

District of Tumbler Ridge Land Sale Process: TR38 Land Sale Process
District of Tumbler Ridge Land Sale Policy: TR38 Land Sale Policy
District of Tumbler Ridge Zoning Bylaw: Bylaw 585 Zoning Bylaw Consolidated


Real estate in Tumbler Ridge is some of the most affordable in British Columbia with median house prices substantially more affordable than almost anywhere else in British Columbia. At present, many single family homes are going for under $150,000! The affordability of property in Tumbler Ridge, coupled with low residential and commercial taxes and unrivaled business start-up and relocation opportunities are our main calling cards to you as an investor, entrepreneur and site selector.

Our dedicated local realtors will be happy to work with you.

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tumbler ridge crown land


Tumbler Ridge has substantial areas of Crown land (provincially owned) within its District boundaries that may be suitable and desirable as development opportunities. The District of Tumbler Ridge is currently working to secure some of this Crown Land to expand rural residential and acreage opportunities in the community. If there isn’t suitable or sufficient land available from the municipality or private sector, Crown land could be the solution for your needs. Please click “Learn More” or contact the District of Tumbler Ridge for more information.