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Supporting Existing Business. Attracting New Business. Growing All Business.

Development Office

The department delivers business-friendly initiatives, products and programs that:

  • Support and grow existing businesses and industry sectors in the community;
  • Attract new businesses, residents and inward investment;
  • Support and promote local services;
  • Pursue the expansion of services, including community health and child care;
  • Connect businesses to local and regional opportunities: Collect and efficiently disseminate data and information that investors are seeking;
  • Introduce and and oversee local support initiatives such as Love Tumbler Ridge;
  • Provide regional cost and time saving efficiencies, including multi-community business licences 
  • Deliver workshops and entrepreneur training programs.
tumbler ridge economic development
tumbler ridge economic opportunities

The economic development office leads on promotional and marketing campaigns to attract new residents, investors, businesses and tourists to Tumbler Ridge and the Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark. These initiatives include development of:

Furthermore, the economic development department develops community, geopark and tourism marketing campaigns and community and destination development projects that seek to enhance the look, cohesiveness and aesthetics of the town. These enhancements are delivered in tandem with substantial Public Works repaving, utility and other infrastructure upgrades.


Some of the specific functions of the department include:

Assistance in site selection for various developments and projects
Coaching for individual business owners and business start-ups, including advice and guidance for:
Idea identification and refinement
Business plan research and development
Connecting business people with the right support organizations and networks
Marketing and promotional activities
Operation and product improvement/expansion
Compilation and distribution of the community business inventory
Compilation and distribution of community statistics and demographics
Lobbying coordination for District sanctioned efforts

Other functions that may be of interest to the general community:

Community project development and management
Consulting for community development projects
Information on government assistance programs
Proposal guidance and review services