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Invest in Tumbler Ridge

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Invest in Tumbler Ridge

The Possibilities Are As Diverse As The Landscapes In Which They Appear

Invest in Tumbler Ridge

Grow Your Dream In The Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark


We’re seeing an unprecedented change in business practices as people around the globe adjust to the realities of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of our businesses are struggling to adjust, but there are financial, technological and social resources available to help during these difficult times. The District of Tumbler Ridge, together with Federal, Provincial and Regional governments and organizations are making unprecedented plans to help our citizens and businesses to weather the current pandemic. Please remember that we’re all in this together and solidarity among businesses in Tumbler Ridge will be critical to weathering these tough times as a community.

Learn About Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge is a community in transition as our proud mining sector is increasingly supplemented by a diversifying economy. In particular, our international UNESCO designation, community forest expansion, growing world class renewable energy generating capacity and unique conferencing venues are creating opportunities that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

We invite you to read on and then to reach out to us at the economic development office. We’re excited to connect with you and to answer your questions about why Tumbler Ridge warrants a closer look.

Property & Land

Tumbler Ridge is in excellent shape to more than double its population without enduring major infrastructural challenges. All our residential areas and existing commercial and light industrial parcels are serviced and we’re in the process of expanding our commercial park to meet growing demand for business space. The municipality is also currently working on new subdivision opportunities for larger residential parcels and acreages that will provide substantial new lifestyle and business development opportunities.

As well, our progressive municipal Asset Management and Municipal Planning schedule ensures that investments in essential infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, street lights, water and sewer systems are scheduled, on-going and responsive to growing demand.
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Start & Grow a Business

Owning and operating your own business can be one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can undertake.

We recognize it can also be extremely daunting at times, especially during the early stages of planning and start-up when everything might seem confusing and a little over-whelming. It is important that you realize that you are not alone in your venture and that obstacles such as financing aren’t necessarily insurmountable.

Growth Industries

BC’s newest Instant Town is changing. Our unique natural environment is opening-up untold opportunities for professionals and innovators that are willing to explore. Look a little closer; you’ll be surprised by the unparalleled opportunities that lie just under the surface in this new and rapidly emerging market.


This is a fledgling sector that is ripe with associated business development potential! Tumbler Ridge is garnering great reviews as an exciting and unique destination for small, niche conferences, meetings and corporate events.



Tourism is a thriving and rapidly growing sector in Tumbler Ridge where business development opportunities are seemingly limited only by your imagination!



Medical & Alternative Health

Join our growing contingent of rural health practitioners who are in high demand from an active and outdoorsy resident and visitor clientele.


Virtual Worker

Many Tumbler Ridge residents are remote workers who have chosen to bring their portable careers with them in order to live their chosen lifestyle. For them, paradise doesn’t have to be tropical!


Natural Resources & Clean Energy

Business and employment opportunities abound in many sectors of our existing natural resource and clean energy industries: metallurgical coal mining, wind energy generation, natural gas extraction and forestry sectors.


Get To Know Us

With some of the lowest commercial and residential tax rates in Canada, and some of the most affordable homes in British Columbia, Tumbler Ridge provides many competitive advantages to residents, investors and business start ups. As a well-managed community and one of the most financially stable in the country due primarily to our heavy industrial and resource tax base, Tumbler Ridge is well positioned for growth.

Incorporated in 1981, the town of Tumbler Ridge was carved out of the wilderness in order to accommodate coal mining activity in the area. Though still a new community, our lovely town of 2,500 people, bucks every stereotype of what a coal mining town should look like and be. Designed as a safe, walkable and family-friendly community, Tumbler Ridge offers leafy neighbourhoods with countless parks, playgrounds, sports fields, modern, well planned infrastructure and social and cultural amenities one would expect to find only in larger and longer-established communities.

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