Snowmobiling in the Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark! Where the Pro’s come to Play!

In March 2021, world-class snowmobilers Brett Turcotte and Brock Hoyer spent a jam-packed weekend in Tumbler Ridge. The weekend was filmed by a professional videographer and following the event the District of Tumbler Ridge received a package of full rights and usage edited videos and high resolution images. Brett and Brock also hosted a meet and greet event for youth during their weekend Tumbler Ridge focusing on snowmobiling and avalanche safety.

This event was an exciting new initiative that boosted Tumbler Ridge’s recognition in the powersports world and beyond. The amount of reach that these athlete’s have from their social media following is massive, and with their promotion of the area came an increase in awareness of what Tumbler Ridge has to offer. This project was a collaborative effort with the District of Tumbler Ridge and our partner organizations and stakeholders including the UNESCO Global Geopark and the Tumbler Ridge Riders Snowmobile Association.

As part of the weekend, we also ran a contest for two lucky people to win a day of riding with Brett and Brock. We promoted this across our social media channels and picked the winners, both of whom had an unforgettable experience riding in the Tumbler Ridge backcountry with the pro athletes. To participate in the contest, entrants needed to be a member of the Tumbler Ridge Riders Snowmobile Association, which also boosted their membership numbers by 23%.

The District of Tumbler Ridge, Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark and the Tumbler Ridge Riders Snowmobile Association are continuing the promotion of snowmobiling using the content that was created. Specifically, the three groups, along with the Grizzly Valley ATV Club, attended the Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show in Edmonton this October. We featured all the created content, playing the videos at our booth and displaying the “Where The Pros Come to Play” graphics.

Big thank you to Northern Development Initiative Trust for their support of this project and featuring the story in their 2021 Annual Report.