Exciting news for Tumbler Ridge.

Over the past few years, a group of passionate and hardworking individuals has been working tirelessly to drive outdoor recreation and tourism growth in our amazing town.

This team, known as the Tumbler Ridge Outdoor Recreation Association (TRORA), was formed through the hard work and commitment of many community members and associations in our region. The Economic Development and Tourism team worked with the members throughout the process providing support with planning and applying for funding. TRORA will serve as an umbrella association for four existing organizations, – Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society, Tumbler Ridge Mountain Bike Association, Grizzly Valley ATV Club, and TR Ridge Riders Snowmobile Association.

It’s important to note that TRORA will not make operating decisions for any of these groups. Instead, its mission is to advocate, educate, and help grow destination management in our town. By working together under the TRORA umbrella, these associations will be better equipped to collaborate and bring about positive change for our community and outdoor recreation. The Economic Development and Tourism team supports the project which aligns with the Tourism Strategy and the Investment Strategy. The Outdoor Recreation Economy is a growing sector and is a key lever in pursuing partnerships that will leverage private sector contributions to destination and market development. In addition the team will be better able to target District investment in tourism planning, marketing and destination development to drive best practice and maximize the return on investment. (Tourism Strategy 2020-2024).

The TRORA team are grateful for the approved funding of $95,000 from South Peace Mackenzie Trust and contributing amounts of $37,500 from Tumbler Ridge Community Forest and $25,000 from Conuma Resources. This support has been critical in TRORA’s efforts to create a starting point and sustainable pathway for TRORA.

Outcomes for the community include one full-time paid position for TRORA as well as part time contractor to design and implement a Destination Management Plan.

TRORA is currently recruiting ONE more community board member to their team. Are you someone who is passionate, open-minded, and interested in playing a crucial role in driving the growth of recreation and tourism in our community? Please click here and fill in an EOI if you would like to be considered or email for more information.

The birth of TRORA is in direct alignment with our Economic Development and Tourism team’s goals and vision at the District of Tumbler Ridge. Demonstrating tourism leadership and helping support and facilitate outdoor recreation businesses is a top priority. Working collaboratively with TRORA will help target the District’s investment in tourism planning, marketing and destination development. Tumbler Ridge and the region will become a magnet for investment attraction and in particular tourism businesses. The diversification of the economy is paramount to the long-term vision for Tumbler Ridge. We applaud the new board and their vision and look forward to forging a long-standing relationship with them. (Economic Development & Tourism Team)

Read the full TRORA media release here.