Tumbler Ridge is rapidly becoming a year-round destination and a destination of choice for active and outdoorsy people who are looking for exceptional experiences in unspoilt wilderness terrain. Recognizing how we are quickly getting discovered, Tumbler Ridge has made a strategic decision to focus substantial resources to expanding our tourism industry sustainably. We are developing tools and resources to support those interested in either working from Tumbler Ridge or that want to start their own tourism business locally. Tumbler Ridge is well suited to ambitious, yet lifestyle and family-oriented workers and entrepreneurs that are looking to take advantage of our expanding tourism story. Once you have experienced all that we have to offer we are confident that you to will want to make Tumbler Ridge your new home.

tumbler ridge tourism opportunities

Business Opportunities

Businesses that provide visitors with unforgettable experiences while in Tumbler Ridge is certainly our greatest untapped entrepreneurial opportunity at present. Since Tumbler Ridge was awarded world-class status as North America’s second UNESCO Global Geopark in 2014, tourism has grown by almost 700%. Yet, potential tourism service providers have been slow to tap into this rapidly growing sector.

The international significance of Tumbler Ridge’s geology, concentration of waterfalls and substantial paleontological finds has created incredible experiential business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Outdoor equipment and clothing sale and rental suppliers;
  • ATV / Snowmobile Repairs and Services;
  • Wilderness adventure operators
  • Tour guide operators including outdoor education providers;
  • Retailers;
  • Art and Culture experience providers;
  • Experiential accommodation and food providers;
  • Tourism-focused freelance professionals and consultants

We are here to make your move to Tumbler Ridge as easy as possible. Please contact us directly for a list of potential opportunities to serve industry needs and for relocation assistance.

Key Companies:

Wild River Adventure Tours

Ridge Rotors


  • Global Geopark designation
  • Unparalleled recreational opportunities
  • Vast trail networks for both motorized and non motorized activities;
  • Cretaceous dinosaur tracks and fossil beds
  • Incredible concentrations of both magnificent and picturesque waterfalls
  • Low resident and business tax rates

What People Say

roxanne gulick

“We made the decision to stay in Tumbler Ridge, to build our business primarily because Randy loves the outdoors, and who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning to do the thing that they love best? We get to share all that is unique and wonderful about Tumbler Ridge while enjoying it ourselves. We saw the opportunity to build a family business in a community that is ideal for raising a family in. A small town where you get to know most everyone. A small town that is still growing and has so much potential.”

– Roxanne Gulick, Owner of Wild River Adventure Tours

sarah waters

“I moved to Tumbler Ridge for the lifestyle and the stunning wilderness. I opened an office here and have never looked back.” – Sarah Gamble, Former Executive Director, Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark