UPDATED: Kalli Hopper is no longer able to assist with grant writing. For assistance with grant writing please contact edo@dtr.ca or call town hall and speak to one of the Economic Development Team – Terese or Jessie.

The District of Tumbler Ridge, with the assistance of funding from the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT), has contracted a part-time community Grant Researcher/Writer. The Grant Writing Support program provides annual funding to support a grant-writing position in a local government or First Nation band. The grant writer supports communities by preparing funding applications to agencies, foundations and government programs in order to access more funding dollars to support economic development projects and initiatives.

Non-profit community groups often rely on fundraising initiatives, such as grants, to fund their programs and projects. The Community Grant Researcher/Writer can assist you in finding suitable grants for your project;

  • Research and identify grant opportunities.
  • Conduct pre-grant application meetings with community members to determine cost/benefits, timelines, responsibilities, criteria and application process.
  • Assist with additional documentation and technical requirements required by the funder (e.g., letters of support).