In order to support small business in our community, we are initiating a Business Walk on September 29th, 2020.

Small groups that will include Mayor & members of Council, the DTR Economic Development department, TR Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures Peace Liard will come to your business to ask a few basic questions about doing business in Tumbler Ridge. The questions are meant to keep the visit very conversational, and to only take a few minutes of your valuable time as a business owner/manager. We will be practicing social distancing to the best of our abilities throughout the day. A Business Walk is not a membership drive or sales call. The walk is designed specifically to establish a connection and identify issues as a means of helping businesses to remain strong and vibrant in our community.

Business Walks have proven to be a useful tool in other areas such as the Okanagan, island communities and the Cariboo making it possible for business owners to communicate to business support service providers and civic leaders what they felt was needed to succeed and grow. The information gathered was then used to develop an action plan to address common issues such as increased street-scaping and revitalization and marketing initiatives.

With your participation, a Business Walk offers an excellent opportunity for us to engage with you and to increase your knowledge of business support service providers available both locally and provincially.

We will also continue the conversations the week of Oct 1-9, to have further in-depth talks with Tumbler Ridge businesses.

Please reach out to us should you have any questions about the business walks or conversations, or if you would like to pre-book an appointment.
Call: (250) 242-4242