British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot

Immigrate and Start a Business!


The Province of BC launched the BC PNP Entrepreneur Regional Pilot in March 2019 as a way for experienced foreign entrepreneurs to gain permanent residency in British Columbia. This PNP pilot program is focused on encouraging investment in smaller communities that are outside larger urban areas. The District of Tumbler Ridge is one of the pioneering communities in this provincial program.

The Province recognizes that each community has the best knowledge of their local business environment, they are perfectly situated to identify economic development priorities and support services that give foreign entrepreneurs a good start in their journey to building successful businesses and growing the local economy.  To that end the BC PNP Entrepreneur Regional Pilot in Tumbler Ridge is targeting immigrant entrepreneurs who are seeking opportunities to start a tourism business in North America’s second UNESCO Global Geopark.

Tumbler Ridge has many business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the recreation, tourism and service sectors. These are “Quality of Place” opportunities that will help to make Tumbler Ridge an even more desirable place to live, invest and visit. You will note that the initial NAICS codes below are extremely broad and high level. This is an intentional aspect of the program which provides opportunities to explore many different sectorial business ideas.

tumbler ridge guidelines and permits


Applicants wishing to start a business in Tumbler Ridge MUST be from one of the following three sectors:

Step 1: Ensure Eligibility

It is important that applicants ensure their eligibility for the program before submitting their application as only business submissions that fit within the three industry sectors indicated above will be considered. For those that are interested in starting a business in one of these three sectors in Tumbler Ridge, our process, which is subject to change, is highlighted below.

The main criteria is as follows:

  • Must be a new business from one of the three sectors identified above. Those wishing to purchase/ take over an existing business will not qualify;
  • Must have a minimum of $100,000 CAD in eligible business investments;
  • Must have a minimum personal net worth of $300,000;
  • Must have a minimum of 51% ownership in the business;
  • Must create at least one new job in the local community; and
  • Eligible applicants must be willing and able to attend an in-person exploratory meeting in Tumbler Ridge.

*Please note that explorative visits to the community under this program are by invitation only. We will not meet with third party representatives or immigration lawyers/ consultants.

In advance of visiting Tumbler Ridge, applicants will typically be invited to participate in an initial Skype or telephone interview so as to minimize costs for applicants.

All costs associated with exploratory visits are to be covered by the applicant. Details including travel and accommodation information will be provided during the invitation process.

Additional program requirements can be found on the Province’s website. Please review this website to ensure you qualify for the PNP pilot.

Step 2: Learn more about Tumbler Ridge

Relocating to a new country is a big decision for you. We want you to make a well informed decision about the type of community and lifestyle you’re pursuing and whether Tumbler Ridge is the right fit for your business and your family.

Please take your time to familiarize yourself with Tumbler Ridge prior to submitting a site visit request application. We invite you to connect with any of the Tumbler Ridge groups and organizations in the following link. .

There are considerable additional resources available to you on line including:

  • This website provides are range of information relating to the local economy, growth sector opportunities, local, regional and provincial business contacts, land and property information and business start-up guidelines.     
  • This is the municipal government website which contains a wealth of community information.

Step 3: Prepare your Business Plan

It is a requirement of this PNP pilot program that a business plan is prepared and submitted together with the site visit request application.

Some resources and organizations that can be useful in this process are listed below:

Step 4: Submit an Application

Once you have ensured you are eligible to apply, you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with Tumbler Ridge and you have prepared your business plan, you are in a position to submit your application to the Tumbler Ridge Economic Development Office. Online applications are reviewed weekly. However, due to the high number of submissions, we can only respond to applicants who will be invited to attend a telephone/ Skype interview and/ or invited for a site visit. We thank everyone who takes the time to apply.